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Stump Grinding Service

Broadhead & Son Stump Grinding

Broadhead And Son Stump Grinding Service is a family owned and operated business that has been servicing Baldwin County and the surrounding areas for 10 years. We use state of the art equipment (Carlton SP7015) that is self propelled, remote controlled and turf friendly. It can travel through a 36" gate and is capable of removing any size stump.


Service Area:

  • Our primary service areas are in Baldwin, Mobile and Washington counties of Alabama
  • We also offer services in storm damaged areas on a case by case basis


Stump Removal - It's cheaper than you think. Call 251-597-9680 to schedule a FREE price quote.

Teeth Sharpening Service

Broadhead & Son Stump Grinding

Broadhead Sharpening Service specializes in sharpening Green Teeth stump grinder teeth. I have personally used Green Teeth for many years and understand the characteristics of the teeth and what's necessary for effectively sharpening the teeth. I have specialized sharpening equipment with a liquid cooling system and vacuum based air purification system for effective, safe sharpening. As owner I have over 10 years experience both sharpening teeth and operating a stump grinding business and have perfected my sharpening methods over the years. I currently sharpen ONLY Green Teeth, however will soon have expanded services available.

With storm season in full swing now it is even more important to maintain an inventory of sharp teeth. Sharp teeth greatly reduce wear and tear on equipment, particularly belts and bearings as well as significantly reduce cutting time.


Pricing is per tooth:

  • 500 Series - $2.75
  • 700 Series - $3.00
  • 900 Series - $3.25
  • 1100 Series - $3.50
As a promotional offer and effort to reach new customers we are currently offering a 20% discount on the above pricing on orders of 50 or more teeth placed on or before 5:00 pm 10/1/17 CST.


Payment methods are:

  • Certified check and money order via U.S.P.S.
  • Phone processed credit card payment (master card)

To take advantage of our sharpening service:

  • Please mail your teeth to 219, 14th Avenue West, Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
  • The preferred shipping method is Flat Rate shipping through your local post office (which is the lowest cost shipping method)
  • Flat Rate shipping takes 1-4 days for delivery (on average) and the boxes are free at the post office.
  • When packaging use paper wrapping to keep the teeth from moving and incurring damage
  • Use extra tape over the flap and corners for reinforcement of the box
  • Please remove any excess dirt from the teeth prior to shipping and do not ship the nuts
  • Be sure to include contact information (name and phone number)
  • After receiving the teeth, they will be evaluated and sharpened
  • After the teeth are sharpened you will be contacted for payment and your teeth will be returned
  • The current turnaround time is approximately 2 days
  • Customer satisfaction is my highest priority

Contact Information

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219, 14th Avenue West - Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
Mon-Fri / 8am-5pm
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